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We have the power to fix it.

I am a student of it all but history is probably the subject I find the most important lately. I don’t read it to remember details of dates, names, and places specifically but to note the trends as the years move forward and back. There is one constant throughout all of human history; rich people behave badly and they make The People believe it’s someone else’s fault.

This is why I hate, HATE, shows like Arrested Development, Gilmore Girls, or most anything else that has a King or a Queen in it. Ya, sue me. It's all the same, just…

Agreed! And that is why the GOP must now be squashed. They have openly chosen fascism. There is no reasoning with that. I am sorry sir, but we can not and must not compromise with those spewing enough racism, anti-Semitism, and misogamy to make even a concentration camp officer blush. This is what happens when the Dems became neoliberal capitalists and forgot that competition will never bring compassion. There is no money in it. O'briens boot has been the de facto "American Way" for too many generations and now we are all paying for it. The People are desperate for…

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Finally got to see the ISS fly over this morning at 6:47 AM. Brooke and the cat were with me out in the dark looking up. Well, Brooke and I were looking up. I have no idea what the cat was looking for but it was not up.

We saw it clear as can be for a MI winter. Just a few wispy clouds staying out of the way.

I’ve been wanting to do that for a while.

I was glad to have company.

I need to appreciate my life and those in it more.

We got out of the…

Yesterday was G’s B-day. We just stayed home. He opened a few gifts from us and some brought over by Brooke’s mom and stepdad. A nice quiet day. He’s now…

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A bit of a milestone yesterday. Our first house guest since this all began. Brooke’s brother stopped by. The conversation required him to enter as it's just too cold in Michigan these days. He stayed by the door and wore a mask as did Brooke. The rest of us just kept our social distance. He’s been fine and his family has mostly stayed home. He’s on board with proper prevention. I wish more were.

And speaking of prevention. How do I keep Trumper assholes out of my emails? I’ve gotten rid of them everywhere else on my social media. …

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So, I’m back in FB after a few days break. It was good. I’ve begun deleting much in there over the last four years. There is just no point in keeping so much of the Trump era alive on my page. He’s losing steam every day but this is far from done. The Dems seem to have finally realized just how impossible it is to “reason” with fascists. So glad The People are finally winning. If we all at the very least, just keep voting with our wallets this might just work out. …

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