A giant buck in my yard.

It may already be dead.

Sexy Hermit


Today is the first day of firearm deer season in Michigan. One of my security cams saw this guy the other day.

He’s a real bute, eh? Nine points by my count. I have no intention of killing him myself but someone out here probably might.

The shots begin at 7 AM or so. Thirty minutes before sunrise.

I’ve tried hunting in the past. Me and my dad when I still lived at home. We’ve never killed anything. At least not intentionally. Hitting things with a car does not count. Just involuntary animal slaughter where only to the court of karma rules on punishment if any.

We did better with fishing.

Karma be damned. I like fish.

We are biological beings. We need the death of something else in order to survive. It’s an inescapable fact.

For there to be life there must be death.

Should I never see this mighty beast again, my mourning will be brief. I know that his death is just part of life. All I can hope is that he won’t be taken just for his impressive rack. All I can hope is that he may be a winter’s worth of meat for a needy family.

There is poverty out here.

There are reasons why half of this country is starving. They are starving physically, mentally, and spiritually. There are reasons that so many now hope to burn it all down or drain the swamp. There are reasons why so many now feel that blowing it all up and starting from scratch feels better than retooling what we already have.

The reason is they have no hope. The reason is they feel they have nothing left to lose.

Whether or not they truly have nothing to lose compared to someone far worse off is irrelevant. This country once made a promise to The People for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We have life.

We have liberty.

We are all unhappy most of the time.