Aliens are here but not to help.

And so much for simulation theory too.

Sexy Hermit


Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

Did you know no one seems to know precisely when humanity discovered how to make/use fire? Anywhere between 1 million and 50 thousand years ago. How about the writer of the first word? Somewhere in Summaria they gather.

We know nothing about our ancient history. Not really.

We know nothing about the day that so many fundamental changes turned us from balanced with our biodome into wildly creative but chaotically destructive, unrealistically optimistic but hyper-intelligent, and singularly and universally conscious but yet having a violently psychotic contempt toward our biological nature.

We now think that we or some other extraterrestrial intelligence has created us in a simulation. This simulation seems real to everyone in it, including us. Its uses for its creators can vary but the point is usually to see how the creators' ancestors lived, thrived, and died.

An ancestor simulation.

There is no way to tell if you, right now as you read this, are living in a simulation or not.

Zero ways.

Imagine a video game you’ve played a million times, some FPS for example. Now, just as you do that trick move you always do to win the boss fight, your player and the boss stop everything and start poking around at the scenery. They start doing rudimentary experiments. Throughout maybe centuries all the characters look up and all scream, “Let us out of this bullshit game!”

That is never ever going to happen.

Same thing with us. The players will never know or think they are in a game. Just making a sim that can conceive of being in a sim is probably already a resettable offense. Possibly even an illegal thing to do in the “base reality” where we “really” “live.”

My bet is any civilization that keeps wandering down this path for too long gets reset anymore. That kind of irresponsibility toward the entire universe eventually becomes so toxic the civilization embracing it usually snuffs itself out from nihilism.

It takes generations.

It's bloody.