Corporate time stealing SCANDAL!

When “three minutes” is not three minutes at all. #scamflation

Sexy Hermit
5 min readFeb 2, 2022
I want my 3 seconds of joy goddamnit!!

So, it's cold in Michigan. Big surprise right? We’re not much for wintertime outdoorsy stuff in our advancing years. When it looks like it does outside today, we like to play board games. What was once an enjoyable pastime though, is now just yet another reminder of how corporate America is ripping us all off.

We were playing Scrabble the other day. Just for curiosity's sake, I used my phone’s stopwatch to see how long the included hourglass actually took to run out.

Drumroll please . . . . .


Scrabble is ripping us off for about 3 seconds every turn. You play often and that shit adds up.

The rules, that they wrote, clearly state that the timer is “about three minutes.” In this day and age, three minutes is three minutes. We now have clocks so accurate, that if started at the dawn of time, they still won't lose a second for another 37 billion years. Time is money and money is power.

“About” is bull shit.

There’s no “about” in timed sports or games. The winner or loser can be decided within milliseconds. Destiny happens in an instant.