“Don’t call it a comeback,” is what I bet Biden is now saying.

All it took was the miracle of Putin screwing the biggest pooch possible; a war on white people.

Sexy Hermit
4 min readMar 10, 2022



World War III, is it ok to just call it that now? Whatever you want to call the fresh quagmire Putin has embroiled Russia into, it has been good for Biden and the dems. It's been a PR nightmare for Putin and his American comrades, the GOP/Trump.

Look at the chart above.

While yes, it clearly shows most Americans “disapprove” of Biden still, the last week has shown impressive gains nevertheless.


One big reason and that reason is Putin’s incompetence.

Another reason is Americans finally seeing through the fog of wishing for autocracy. What is happening in Ukraine is becoming most “unamerican” to more and more real Americans.

Believe whatever hopeful fascist fantasies you want to believe about Ukraine but like any show, the curtain falls, the theater doors open, and the harsh light of reality leads you out. This is now where the GOP, the RNC, and finally now even Trump find themselves.

This is a huge turning point.

The momentum has shifted.

More Americans are becoming done with RNC anti-democracy rhetoric and the push toward autocracy.

I’ve already said it well before Putin even lined up his first tank on the Ukrainian border. The Dems are not going to lose the house, the senate, or the presidency. The allure of the fabled “benevolent autocrat” was already waning. It’s now been absolutely smashed with Putin’s actions against Ukraine. He’s been stomping around on all his neighbors but this time, he decided to go west instead of east or south.

Huge mistake.

This next has to be said, and it’s horrible, but in my opinion, it's true. All Putin’s other targets that he has tried to take were places filled with brown people. The atrocities he had a hand in inflicting were often worse than what is happening in Ukraine, at least so far. Now though, the west has seen the “unimaginable.” Another despicable white guy, maybe just as arrogant and psychotic as Hitler, is…