Expect this to happen in 2023.

Top 100 predictions for “living in interesting times.”

Sexy Hermit


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The year 2022. It’s almost over. I think we may actually make it out alive! Next year though? It’s anyone’s guess.

Here are 100 of my most semi-educated attempts at finding patterns in the chaos.

Number 100: Space junk kills someone. It knocks out a Fox news satellite. One viewer has a raging heart attack and dies while blaming it all on Biden.

Number 99: Florida man Trump finally gets jail time for too many DUIs.

Number 98: King Charles retakes control of the UK by fomenting a split in his people toward a restoration of the monarchy. He drives it home with free rides on that ridiculous Ferris wheel.

Number 97: Iran wants nukes from Russia after agreeing to troop support in Ukraine. Putin balks. Iran sweetens the deal with free links to public executions for all Russians. Putin bites. The deal for nukes is made.

Number 96: Elon Musk just ghosts us all, man.

Number 95: Putin is exiled and moves to Brazil. He gets eaten by cannibals.

Number 94: All gun laws are struck down by the US Supreme Court. Rich people start buying tanks and fighter jets. Used ones show up for sale on street corners and at gun shows.

Number 93: The James Webb Telescope receives images of alien life on another world. It's their most graphic porn though and can never be made public.

Number 92: Time is proven to be just another spacial dimension and consciousness is proven to be a quantum effect. With practice, one can manipulate their consciousness to move to any point in time, or space, or just to go out and get something that they can’t find on Amazon anymore.

Number 91: Meat gets hacked. You’ll be able to grow cultured meat at home but it all tastes like chicken no matter what the package says.

Number 90: The left and right find a compromise on abortions with artificial womb facilities. Now the unwanted unborn can be extracted, grown, and then sent to foster care, adoption, or cannon fodder for the military.