I could live a million lives.

And never be this lucky again.

Sexy Hermit
2 min readMay 6, 2024
Photo by Dimitri Kolpakov on Unsplash

I am loved.

I live in nature.


The effects of humanity's toil seen only through a screen.

I am for the moment oblivious to it all.

But it is still there.

I am gently reminded with the passing of every car, though few now.

Each one contains a story of strife up ahead, no doubt, on this Monday morning.

But I am lucky.

I am here.

Watching nature wake up from the brown and grey of a winter no longer obsessed with . . .


I feel it.

I want it to bend.

Find a compromise to its power.

Will the line fail or stay united?

Will we freeze or bake?

We’ll all know soon.

A hawk cries.

A tick has to die.

But today I am lucky.

Today I am so privileged

I want to appreciate it all.

My isolation.