I do an evil thing when “potential spam" calls me.

You’ll never guess.

Sexy Hermit


Google images “potential spam”

What a world we live in. Ubiquitous technology to communicate with anyone anywhere at any time all over the world. Wouldn't it be nice if it was someone we actually wanted to communicate with though?

We all have a “phone” on our phones. Did you know that?

It’s true.

You can use that little box you carry in your pocket for more than just watching pet videos or Trump news or news about the pet Trump never had. If he did he’d probably torture it. He’s a fucking nutter, right?

Anyway . . .

You can use your phone to make and receive a “call” with someone old school.

“Fuck you, Trump! Mm. Hmmm. ” Giffer

Most of us never use our devices as “phones” except to call our parents or when a text will just not give enough detail about something. Most of us only realize that our phones are actually “phones” when we see this appear completely without warning:

Feel free to call them! I’m sure they’d love to hear from you whoever the fuck they are.

So annoying.

Such a waste of our priceless time.

But really, is it a waste? Odds are we have a free minute here and there throughout the day, yes? Maybe, but why the FUCK should I give ANY of my irreplaceable time to whoever the fuck is bugging me AGAIN when I’m in the middle of my life.

A few months ago I decided, ”Try and waste MY time again, eh? Well, take THIS!!”

I swiped connect.

I said nothing.

I put the phone down next to me and continued with my life in silence.

“Hello. Hello? Is anyone there?” I now sometimes hear from P. Spam.