I’m choosing to stay angry now.

Fuck your “therapy,” “coping mechanisms,” and/or drugs. (mostly)

Sexy Hermit


Photo by Marco Biondi on Unsplash

To begin with, I am not a doctor. If you are, then you won’t like much of what I’m about to lay down today. If you are someone in therapy and/or on the many alchemic concoctions to “help” you through these times, then you probably won’t like this much either.

I do not care.

This is all about me and what I plan to do now.

Do whatever you need to do to survive 2024 at this point.

Talking about “The Weed”

I have to be honest, I like marijuana. (Sorry family, if this is really is a surprise to any of you still.) I have for a very long time. I’ve even grown it as a hobby and probably will again. If you have a bucket of dirt and 6 months of warm weather so can you.

MJ and I suppose caffeine are my only drugs anymore. I don’t really drink anymore. The last 12-pack I bought lasted over a month I think. Alcohol is the worst drug out there. My body tells me that a lot sooner than it used to.

I’m beginning to listen to it more.

I think now though, I’m going to put anything that artificially calms me on hold for a while. I have no idea how long. This feeling may only last until…