I’m not watching your latest cop beat-down-to-death videos.

This is what happens when civilization chases vengeance instead of the roots of all suffering.

Sexy Hermit


google images “riot cops”

Another day in America. Another brown person gets murdered by some pissed-off cops.

It does not matter what race the abusers of their power were.

It does not matter what the victim of their violence did.

Fundamentally we have a problem that the police seem unable to weed out of their rotting garden.

Whatever training they get. Whatever peaceful means they are given to make someone powerless. They still can not get past the eventuality of the deadly beatdown. At some point in too many cops' careers, they acquire the compassion of a crocodile.

Why does this keep happening? “Factors” seems to be all anyone can say and every other person seems to be an expert. All conservatives have to offer are “thoughts and prayers” as the blood still spills.

All I know is this, we must keep voting for progressive candidates at every opportunity. If you don’t live in such an area then good luck is about all I have to say anymore. This is going to get worse before it gets better. Until we look at the deeper-rooted causes of suffering, who and what is really to blame, expect more death in the streets.

I live in a purple but leaning-red area. The greater trend in my MI, though is a big blue wave. We have our issues with the police too of course but in my opinion, this all just reflects so much suffering in America.

The People murdered by cops were suffering and so were the cops. The cops somehow have it put in them that murdering on the job is the best way to relieve some psychotic impulses they suffer.

I’m not giving these proven-to-be monster law enforcers a pass free at all! JC! All I’m saying is that their suffering trained them more than any other instructor they’ve ever had. Their pain makes them feel fine with punching down as if they somehow earned the privilege of murdering.

They should receive stiff justice for what they did, but are they to “blame” entirely? Irrelevant to maintaining a functioning society either way, frankly…