Just a Russian “horse’s mouth” saying that he’s not really a horse.

Russian oligarchs aren’t really quite so oligarchy?

Sexy Hermit



So, here’s an interesting news bit today. This guy says the west has it all wrong. It's not the oligarchs that empower Putin but it’s that Putin controls “what we in the west” call the oligarchs. They are Putin’s “footmen”, not the other way around. This guy I’m talking about is an exiled oligarch.

This changes much of my hope that Putin can be stopped internally. I was really going all-in that if he does not just give up soon, his people would see to his assassination ASAP.

We may be wrong.

Putin may be very well insulated from danger by those near him. They may be just as bad as upper-level Trumpers under the spell of Trumpism. There is nothing worse than a bunch of maniacs in power that truly believe all the BS they spew.

If this is indeed the case then the west better be ready to go all-in again against the latest European madman crazy enough to attempt global domination.

Thank god America got rid of their wanna-be antichrist in 2020 but there is still no way to know if he won't be back in 24. We must defeat and remove Putin from office before he and Trump replace democracy with autocracy around the world.