Just how stupid is Santos’ 3rd district?

We want the GOP to fix him but what about The People that put him there?

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Holy cow. The more I read about how Santos slimed his way into The United States of America’s House of Representatives, the more I can’t wait to watch the movie about it. It’s a true American success story of grift and corruption. Whoever said crime does not pay must not have been a Republican or at least not a House Representative.

This will be mostly my analysis from Wikipedia and other widely available cross-referenced sources. The bullet points for today are these:

  • The political machines of both the GOP and the Dems knew everything about Santos before the election. They let him happen anyway.
  • The press knew it all too and knew that the machines knew too.
  • The People are now paying the price for all these sleepy gatekeepers. What they thought was a wounded lamb turned out to be a diabolical and ridiculously lucky wolf in disguise. Now no one gets any chickens. Nor any action anytime soon on immigration, etc. “I went to vote in 22 and all I got was this crummy investigation of every political enemy the GOP has or had,” The American Voter.

When I first started this article I wanted to find out the demographics of the 3rd district in NY where Santos is “from.” I found nothing that blared out “a bunch of idiots” from that part of my inquiry. I then moved on to Santos. There’s so much of Santo’s “background” that is more than questionable. If “Santos” is even his real name.

I’m probably going to quote too much about him in this.

Seriously, nothing I read about him can be completely believed. Is he really gay? Have we confirmed he’s a man? Makes no difference, of course, but do we know for sure he’s actually an American citizen? Probably “yes” to all of those but the deeper this one man’s rabbit hole goes the more you end up thinking . . .

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There seems to be no other conceivable answer when you read just how many gates and gauntlets this man oozed his way under, around…