Michigan is a gorgeous place to live.

Now with a new and improved political landscape too!

Sexy Hermit
6 min readJan 26, 2023
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Yep. You should be here if you’re not already. I’ve talked much of the reasons to move here and live out your days in my MI. We are becoming world famous for being a climate chaos refuge.

Now we are also a political refuge.

While the rest of the feds fight their pointless, stone-aged, and vindictive culture and personal battles, Michigan may have already won the war.

Our Governor Whitmer gave her State of the State address last night.

It was pretty good! Check it out here when you can.

It had many solutions on many levels but she could not avoid tossing around a welcomed culture war gauntlet or two. Here’s one iron-fisted throwdown, and the “fiscally conservative” right can just learn to choke on it:

Protecting these freedoms is the right thing to do and it’s just good economics. States with extreme laws are losing talent and investment because bigotry is bad for business. We should build on our reputation as a welcoming beacon of opportunity where anyone can succeed. — Gov. Whitmer, SOTS 2023

She went on to shove it down the throats of #littledickenergy red states even more.