Michigan needs the film incentives back NOW!

Manufacturing makes a shitty egg basket.

Sexy Hermit
4 min readFeb 11, 2022


Google images “canadian truckers”

Fuck you, Canadian truckers, and the hope of “manufacturing” ever again saving my state of Michigan from itself.

Canada is quickly devolving into the same ignorant know-nothing culture we now have in America. The once “nice people up north” are now fucking over everyone in Michigan for no better reason than the “freedom” to be total dip shits.

If you’ve not been watching, hundreds of Canadian truckers have blocked every great lakes bridge that leads into America and when I say America I mean Michigan. Believe it or not, this damn state of mine still has made itself dependent on manufacturing to pay almost all the bills. Without an open crossing to Canada, General Motors has had to cut shifts, stop work, and ruin lives.

This is not the first time Big Auto has totally fucked my home state of MI.

Now or in the past it's always been an abusive relationship.

Sure, I blame Canada for this lately but the deeper issue is STILL Michigan putting all its fiscal eggs solely in the manufacturing basket.

It's stupid. There’s just no other word for it. Ok, how bout asinine? It’s the peak of shortsightedness. It has become completely unacceptable in an age where robots and drones are about to do all the making and heavy lifting of everything.

What’s left?

Entertainment and the media.

Both of which are still seeing boom times if not in fact a new golden age.

I say this because, for the first time ever, even my writing is actually making a monthly paycheck. This would never have happened without “the media” now being not only accessible to everyone but now anyone can actually contribute to it and get paid! All it will take is a gentle push of some government subsidies and incentives to give The People’s train to Michigan a full head of steam toward prosperity other than depending on bolt spinning.

We give billions of tax breaks to manufacturers as an incentive to stay. Some pay off. Many don’t. Why not take this risk, Michigan? Why don’t we incentivize the now booming media industry so more of them come here?



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