Ritten Off Day 34. Trump loves vaccines.

“They can’t give me money if they’re all dead,” said the voice inside Trump’s head.

Sexy Hermit
5 min readDec 24, 2021


google images “trump and mussolini

Trump is an idiot. He even forgot how fascist dictating works.

But for the rest of us, who would not have seen this coming? Who would ever bet against history, mother nature, and the best scientific effort this country has made since we landed on the moon. Trump, that’s who. Like everything he does, it becomes a loser's bet soon enough.

It’s official now. There is no turning back but he’s officially turned his back on his base of know-nothings.

Trump has claimed, with great political abandon, that he now loves the vax and everyone, even his base, needs to get it if they want to survive covid.


Actual truth from the greatest liar since the first case of pants on fire.

He is so fucked now.

Never a man to apologize for anything, Trump has now done something even worse. He’s telling his base directly that they need to get vaxed. They listened but what do they hear from you now? “I was never on your side really. Fuck your freedom.”

He is so fucked. I just have to repeat that.

He just completely blew his chances for 2024. Anyone that praises his name now is done for 2022 much less 2024.

I think maybe he was actually finally reading the numbers of who was dying of Covid. He finally put it together that at this rate, there could very well be more Dems at the polls just from the attrition caused by Covid. The numbers overwhelmingly show Red states and counties dying off more than Blue states and counties. His newfound ability to subtract has finally shown him the light. With the slim margins at every poll now, he needs as many warm bodies as possible. By 2024 there may not be enough Trumpists alive to win the vote for anyone in the GOP.



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