Short and Sweet.

Florida (Weather) man becomes The God of Climate Chaos.

Sexy Hermit
3 min readMay 21, 2024
Photo by NASA on Unsplash


Part of the “Duped” south.

Like so many dipshit “leaders” and their even dip-shittier constituents down there, they will do everything in their power to maintain the dirty energy status quo to keep their “jobs.”

Or jobs be damned really.

Just keep regurgitating the moldy cud of climate denialism as a matter of GOP course right off their double-down on ignorance Trumpian cliff. As long as it “sticks it to the libtards,” fuck listening to the truth about their shitty state soon to be under 50 feet of ocean.

But . . .

There is one Florida man who is risking his job to tell the truth. He’s a weatherman but unlike many of his peers in broadcasting, he’s had enough. The temps are now too high in the Sunshine State to be nice about it anymore.

Florida now has too much sun.

He finally decided it was his responsibility to cut through the cognitive dissonance in the brains of his Trump-washed viewership.

“Please keep in mind, the most powerful climate change solution is the one you already have in the palm of your hands: the right to vote,” said NBC 6 meteorologist Steve MacLaughlin.