Short and Sweet. PS to yesterday.

The Broadcaster side is about to change.

Sexy Hermit
3 min readMay 22, 2024
Photo by Cody Fitzgerald on Unsplash

Sure, the TV station does not want to come out saying “Stop voting GOP.”

But . . .

They are.

Their on-air weather guy, and I’m sure an “unbiased” news team member, said all he did and he still has his job.

The station supports him.

They are making a not completely stealthy move for other broadcasters to follow.

The TV stations of the soon-to-be climate-caused refugees know they can’t move with the people who know them and trust them in that area. Wherever the refugees move to there will already be broadcasters paying for the privilege.

There will be no room for new/moving business elsewhere.

You can’t just move the blob of real estate they broadcast over. Same for radio and just about anything the FCC licenses control over.

All of this requires great sums of cash to operate and maintain.

All of it comes down to maintaining the integrity of the tiniest dot of real estate the government tells them to stick a broadcast tower.

No dot?

No business.