Short and sweet.

Just update to Windows 11 already! Dude.

Sexy Hermit
2 min readMay 16, 2024
Photo by bert b on Unsplash

So I usually wait at least a year or five before I update to the latest version of Windows OS.

Long and short, they made it really painful to hang on to the past.

I could only hold out for three years this time.

Everything was running in slow motion.

Constant updating.

It was wasting my time just opening my laptop if I expected to get anything done in the first hour. Processes I have no clue about, doing strange multidimensional gymnastics in the background, squandering all my precious computational resources.

Which are not many, by the way.

My computational needs that is.

I do about four things with my laptop.

  1. Write.

2. Make the occasional graphic using Gimp (it's free and I love it).

3. Use our Cricut to make dumb pop-up cards that people seem to appreciate and I enjoy making them.

4. And of course miscellaneous web surfing.

All of these things started working very well again after I updated to Windows 11.