So, I Started Praying to Extraterrestrials

I had an “experience” I just can’t explain away anymore.

Sexy Hermit


google images “i want to believe”

A‍bout 8 years ago, an acquaintance and I saw something in the sky we can’t explain. Here’s the vid.

Full disclosure, it blows. You really can’t make out anything. It was shot purely by accident on my dashcam. All the action happens in the upper left though.

Ignore the bigger blob as that was glare. You’ll see a small and faint object fade in, approach, and go over us out of view. I witnessed it hover over us for a few seconds and then shoot off to the back. What I saw it do next I really can’t describe or explain. The audio of our surprise is hopefully enough to spark your imagination. After that, we saw a fireball head in the opposite direction away from us right near the same trajectory as the first slow-moving object. The video does not even come close to showing the detail we experienced.

Nevertheless, it all still sits in my brain as “unexplianed.”

Now I’ve decided to start praying to it, because why not?

I know what you’re thinking. What a wacky, silly fool this guy is! How embarrassing that he would share such silliness with the world. But let me explain why I did it — and why you may be inclined to do something similar if you are feeling lost in life and searching for answers. It’s not as weird as it sounds, I promise. So, where do we find hope when the world seems to be falling apart? And how do we find peace when everything feels so chaotic? For me, the answer might be praying to extraterrestrials — yes, extraterrestrials — for help.

I was recently inspired by Dr. Greer and his CE5 Protocols movie, “Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind.” Here’s a scathing review (that is not completely without some truth if I’m being honest. This is pretty wacky stuff!) but I’m still not afraid to stay hopeful anyway.