The problem with guns is everyone is wrong.

“Mental health” and “being a “man” are now in a cage match to the death.

Sexy Hermit


Photo by Levi XU on Unsplash

I really don’t get out much anymore. I’m pretty much a stay-at-home husband now.

There is nothing I want to see out there anyway anymore. If it's not family related or necessary to our survival out here, I’m not going.

The “energy” I feel from my fellow random Americans is at best toxic. I know that it's a 50-50 chance that the next person I bump into is brainwashed beyond belief. I know they can’t wait for Trump to rule it all in the name of American Heterosexual Masculinity and not much else.

They want “vengeance” for being kicked to the curb and forgotten by 50 years of neoliberalism. (Not that they even know or understand the term neoliberalism. All they know is that they want to play “gotcha games” until everyone feels just as shitty and pathetic as they do.)

Trump and the rest of his fascist brigade of X and TikTok conservative media whores now have half of America believing that “draining the swamp” is somehow going to help feed their kids. Somehow “owning the libs” is going fix all the ways our government “infringed” on their “liberty.”

Good luck with all that.

As I’ve said before, free will does not exist. Our brains are hard-wired to respond to specific inputs in specific ways. If you keep filling it with unfounded ideas based on zero evidence you will start to believe it all anyway.

To our brains, the majority always wins.

The bits and pieces of reality that don’t fit with the overwhelming picture we let the media make for us are always cast aside. If all you watch is Fox News you don’t even know Trump has over 90 felony counts. If all you do is watch more liberal media, you’ll never know just how slimy Biden’s son is.

This is why men grab guns and kill people.

All they know is that the birthright of all American men is that they will be rich, powerful, and loved by a woman or somebody or maybe even millions of minions willing to do anything for them.

If they are not then they are told it’s someone’s fault that they are not. It’s never that…