The Virus Day 185, Dimondale, Michigan

Sexy Hermit
1 min readSep 16, 2020
Sun’s up!

All well. Another day. Another batch of fresh lies and deflections from Trump.

His “town hall” was like an ICBM to his bubble. He got confronted with the rest of America, REAL America, and it is PISSED!

I can’t wait to see him destroyed in a debate by a real politician like “Sleepy” Joe.

I know it won't matter though. The divisions are set. The numbers are set. There are no “undecided voters.” It's going to come down to the courts eventually and they may even give it to Trump.

The People will know better though.

Without a majority, this time, Trump and his whole family are doomed either way. It may not happen soon. He may even get his 3rd term! But history is very clear. Without enflamed support of the majority of The People, depots lose. Without lockstep military leaders, authoritarians are overthrown.

They lose bigly.

They lose everything.

Their family name becomes mud.

This is the destiny of all things Trump.

Get ready for a very long fight.

Progress will win, but we have a lot of hills to retake again.

Be well.