The Virus Day 205, Dimondale, Michigan

Sexy Hermit
2 min readOct 6, 2020
So much suffering. So little time.

All well.

Fuck Trump.

Fuck anyone voting for him.

If you are still listening to him please keep it up. He’s going to get you killed. So, please, do EVERYTHING he does. Do everything he calls “safe.”

YOU don’t have a dozen docs and infinite resources to keep you well. YOU may DIE if you get COVID. YOU without real health care and no savings will have only your force of will to get your stupid ass through it.

“The Jesus” is not going to save you but mother nature may save us from you. We will all be better off without you and any more hypocritical bible thumping “prolife” death-cult Trump worshiping maskless fascists.

Keep up the “good works,” Donne Darko! Your flock can’t get enough and I’ve had enough of your flock. Keep ALL your brain dead fools addicted to your Koolaide and this election should be a cakewalk back to sanity.

You Trumpers all just upped the war of attrition upon yourself exponentially.

There won’t be enough of your kind left to elect a drain commissioner much less the second most powerful job on the planet, next to Putin’s, of course.

Vote Dem or eat shit. Vote Dem or we’re all fucked. A better way of life depends on it completely now.


Be well.