The Virus Day 60, Dimondale, Michigan

Sexy Hermit
2 min readMay 14, 2020
Birds and deer yesterday morning.

All well. There is another dipshit #covidiots protest scheduled today at the MI cap. A bunch of fellow lefties were going to organize a peaceful counter rally but they have changed their minds. Its probably for the best.

Let the cops deal with these assholes. Let The Man see what his “liberty” gets him in the middle of a horribly federally managed pandemic when the “jobs” he “created” become more important than sanity.

For too long The Power has been giving beatdowns to the powerless and woke whites willing to give up some of their power and privilege for the betterment of us all. Now The Man can start teargassing Trump’s “very fine people” who have threatened more violence against the state than the left knew they could ever get away with unbloodied.

Time for the protest double standard between the left and the right to end.

Show up with a gun at a protest and expect to get shot.

Show up inciting violence and expect a beat down.


Give em HELL today, Guv. They deserve everything they got coming today for being so ignorant in the face of this completely preventable slowmo natural disaster.

“Only a fool fights the wind.” — Klingon proverb

Be well! Unless you’re an ignorant fuck. Then you get what you deserve today.

Sexy Hermit

It's about to get weird in here.