The Virus Day 82, Dimondale, Michigan

Sexy Hermit
2 min readJun 5, 2020

All well. All I can say is that #stayhome must be working. I still know no one directly, that has or had it. Just “maybe.” I’ve not been near anyone that knows for sure. Testing seems dubious still. Just stories and acquaintances of friends at best. Of course its all real but it is strange that it has not affected anyone at all close to me.

The race protests and still occasional riots continue. Agent Orange is about to get the Mousilini any time now. Even his own people are turning against him. All except the police of course. His and the 1%’s perennial King’s Guard. All still very willing and able to murder whoever they are told.


I just got rid of an FB friend today for defending any of them at all. Her man is a cop. Maybe a “good" cop. Maybe not. I really do not care anymore. Being a cop in America is to choose the side of the corporation.

Being an American cop is the shitiest job for the simplest of reasons. Ameria’s laws are not based on justice but on greed. The greedy prey on the powerless to maintain power. Cops are the arm, legs, and fists of the corporation. They are all lieutenants in a never-ending game of mob rulers. Nothing happening today is any different than when Pharoah told his cops to kill all the firstborn sons. Nothing is different today than when Vikings raped and pillaged entire countries because they were told to do so by men with the same unquenchable taste for blood as any corporation today.

Cops follow orders based on “the law.” Nevermind that today soulless corporations write all the laws. At least Kings and Queens were faced with their soul once in a while. If that was not enough to get justice, The People could remind them with threats and revolutions where they lost their heads. Good luck seeing such justice today. Now we have “too big to fail” corporations that continue to squeeze out wealth for the already wealthy instead of Justice for The People.

When the heartless make the laws, cops become heartless machines.

I’m saying it again. If you’re a cop, step down now. Rejoin The People again. YOUR people. Not CEOs and their middlemen of suffering, the “lawmakers.” Relearn what it really means “to serve and protect” without guns, body armor, and tear gas.

Become a human being again.


Be well!

Sexy Hermit

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