The Virus Day 94, Dimondale, Michigan

Sexy Hermit
1 min readJun 17, 2020
President Bugger.

All well. It seems wave two has already. Agent Orange’s response? Attempt to suppress more testing that would blow his cover stories and blatant lies.

He’s going to go down hard.

What an amazing time to live.

Seriously, appreciate these times.

We won't see this much turmoil and movement toward real progress in another hundred years. We will win the day but in two generations when these hard times are again forgotten, history will repeat for a new generation of angsty liberators.

No one does anything until they need to.

By the third generation, we’ll be back to “living the dream” and will care less about those “losers” we love to willfully misunderstand. Its a cut-throat world now. Fuck them. Right?

Apathy is inevitable when times are good. Silver tonged psychos are inevitable at any time. That’s when the slow slog to tyranny will begin again, when “tough on crime” is sold as better than compassion for the other.

The hate will again become contagious.

Be well!