Trump apologists can just fuck off.

The Supreme Court is going to eat Trumpism alive.

Sexy Hermit


Photo by Bermix Studio on Unsplash

“It will just make it worse.”

“Democracy fails without the will of The People.”

“Trumpers will hit the streets and start a civil war!”

Oh my fucking god.

Just stop.

All of you.

Guilty is guilty in our nation of laws.

What the mob contemplates “to retaliate” is completely irrelevant.

In fact, what's necessary is giving that mob a chance and an “excuse” to “retaliate” is exactly what a strong democracy needs.

They all got a beef with The Rule Of Law in America? Go for it! Hit the streets assholes.

If there’s one thing I learned from years of protesting it is this, in America, militants lose.

Every time.

It took down the KKK.

It took down the Black Panthers.

Fuck, my People, it took down the entire SOUTH with the Civil War!

So when I keep reading all these conservatives, “imploring” America to just let Trump on the ballot and let “The People” sort it out . . .