Truth. Racism is a sliding scale but I got some news for you. Its hell if you are white or black but I get your point. Jobs suck. Jobs with a racist boss certainly suck even more, but being white I can only imagine. I admit that is not my experience but is my lucky privilege. You want to avoid racism at work, avoid the utter bullshit of office politics alltogether? Become your own boss any way you can. You want to avoid the hell of corproate overlords? Strive to become one. Find a partner that will let you chase this dream. There is not a boss on this planet, black or white, that will ever truly respect anyone else's life or time. There's not a coworker anywhere that would risk their livelyhood to protect yours. There is a good reason they call the working world "the rat race." No one wins except those who can get others to make the cheese. If successful maybe even your racist boss will have to kiss your ass as a client some day? Dare to dream.


It's about to get weird in here.

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