Choose VOTING!

If you still believe that the rule of law governs America.

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Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm on Unsplash

Autocrats. History will show that they were all great. Until they were not. Then what? Bloody rebellions that often end up replacing one violent and paranoid autocrat with another violent and paranoid autocrat, that’s what.

It’s how most governments have run since The People decided we needed leaders of any kind. We have always fallen back to the belief that a benevolent autocrat can actually exist. We still hang on to the feeling that a god-like man will appear and solve all our problems through some divine wisdom.

It never happens.

Power corrupts.

End of story.

The powerful just want more power. They become willing to slaughter millions, even inside their own borders, to keep what they have. They never call these acts “evil.” They truly feel that they were “chosen” to do this “responsible” job by a “higher power.”

After the predictable and eventual carnage caused by their supreme responsibility, after the fall of yet another same-ole-story despot, The People are still left to choose how they want to be ruled again.

Oh, you say The People never really got to pick all those kings, queens, emperors, overlords, etc?

I say, yes. Yes, We, The People, of this planet always choose our leaders. We always get who we deserve.

When we get lazy, stupid, nihilistic, and way beyond cynical we allow autocrats to win.

When We, The People stand up, work to demand more, have faith in humanity, and remain hopeful, democracy has a chance.

I’ve never seen this country (and maybe the whole world) more cynical and nihilistic.

The fact that a soon-to-be felon American presidential candidate is now beating anyone with a pulse is all the evidence anyone needs.

When we vote, we are not just choosing who we want to represent us. We The People are choosing who we want to curate the best ideas. We are choosing outcomes of ideas.

Lately, we are choosing horrible ideas and the only outcome is more death and suffering.