We need to ban zip ties.

They are tools of fascism and nothing more.

Sexy Hermit


google images “zip tie insurrection”

Washington DC, January 6th, insurrectionist Guy Reffitt brings zip ties to kidnap any politician he can get his democracy killing hands on.

Michigan, Barry G. Croft Jr. boasts about a grenade launching rifle, a taser to “neutralize” Governor Whitmer, and his vast supply of zip ties to bind and kidnap her.

SanFrancisco, David DePape was found with a bag of zip ties after he bludgeoned Representative Pelosi’s husband in his delusional attempt to kidnap her.

All of these people had access to guns. In America, we have the 2nd Amendment. There is nothing we can really substantially do about guns short of a new amendment to the constitution.

Good luck with that. You’ll never get the votes anytime soon.

No one is going to get rid of guns, bullets, or the maniacs that use them in America. There is clearly no level of violence high enough to make us change our violent ways. We endured a murderous civil war for almost five years. Not once did anyone even consider that maybe all the guns everyone had already helped make the country implode in 1860. Lincoln was shot and murdered as were Mckinley, Kennedy, and almost but not quite Regan.

The guns kept getting made and sold to anyone.

If a civil war doesn’t stop us, then no number of dead presidents, no number of dead school children, no number of dead cops, no number of dead anyone anywhere for any reason that involved a gun will stop America from wanting more guns.

It’s a must-have tool of violence on every patriotic American’s shopping list and I myself am no different. It’s “normal” if you own a gun in America. As the violence escalates very few are going to knock you for wanting some protection in the form of hot lead. In America, we enjoy shooting our way out of problems but the shots have not rung out this close to home for over a hundred years. We’re about to shoot ourselves in the heart again.

Easy tools to find

There are many tools for violence though.

Many of them have no constitutional protection whatsoever.