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She’s pissed. She should be. But she’s still willing to work with you despite you being a total fucking asshole.

A man’s attempt to make a site for women’s content? Yes. That’s right. I’ve done no research as to what chance this has of success. I just see a need for a bridge to be made. A bridge between the sexes. If men are all about control and power, (we are) well let me be one among them to more than willingly give up the reigns. Ever since my days in Occupy, I have seen a trend. Women will be the leaders of this revolution. It will be women that save mankind.

Men, we’ve have had our time. We blew it. We have literally raped this planet and continue to do so in the name of “family” or worse “legacy.” I do not have any kids of my own but I do live with the 10 year old son of my girlfriend. I feel as protective of him as if he were my own son.

Pity the tribe that goes against the one made of more desperate fathers. Men’s murderous nature needs only the excuse of “security” to gleefully inflict genocide. Women seem to have realized long ago that they can’t do anything for their family if they are killed. Men are more than happy to leave a widow alone for the “glory” of their own death. Women organize together and are energized by the strength of their collaborations. Men lust alone for the pride and victory of their competitions. These, of course, are generalities. I for one would not want to find myself between a lioness and her cubs. We all have our point of no return. We all lapse into our instincts when pushed to them. The truth is always more complicated than the ideal.

Nevertheless, it should be no surprise that we live in a murderously competitive world. The most murderous, aggressive and competitive men of history have made it so. Still today, when men of power get together, they do so largely as executioners. It is how men have been expected to “handle” a problem. Kill the problem. No more problem. Sure, women have come forward that emulate this historically masculine psychosis, but they are not the norm. They do not last. Men willing to murder millions can always be counted on to recur soon enough. It’s just a matter of timing and opportunity. Today we are again under men willing to kill to assure their “greatness.”

Even in a time where it should be obvious that competition for resources is no longer necessary, we still believe that the only way to survive is crushing “the other.” Winner take all is the only way. It’s just not true anymore.

One thing does seem certain. This world is deeply divided as to how we plan to survive our self destructive selves. Social media has sent us all into our personal rat mazes of information. Information, fake or otherwise, that continues to further entrench our unwavering and increasingly dangerous opinions. That’s bad.

You see, here’s the deal. The world, the very nature of things, is duplicity, duality, yin and yang. All evil has some good. All good has some evil. There can not be man without woman and vice versa. Because of this, momvom.com was created. It is to be a place where women can come and vent. Spew their “vom.” Regurgitate out all the things that have been held in for far too long. All of it. The good. The bad. The ugly. The beautiful. Tell us all what’s wrong and how we need to fix it.

Men, this is your chance to see that power has more than one definition. By making a women’s site made by man, it is my hope that men really take a look. Wake up! See the power of creation instead of destruction. The power of collaboration over competition. The power of understanding over ignorance. The power of love and compassion to answer all the problems of the world. Maybe just maybe you’ll raise sons better than your fathers raised you. Break the cycle of your toxic masculinity. End this rape culture. Make androgynous and safe the metaphorical locker rooms of our children’s future.

I am leery of this site being accepted by anyone. This feels risky. Everyone really seems like they are walking on eggshells. Who am I, in any way whatsoever, to attempt to define the nature of woman? I suppose that will be your decision.

Anyone extending a helping hand from a position of “power” is now met with distrust. That’s fair. That’s justified. “Trust” has become a nebulous abstraction from anyone that has become “the other.” The other of our sex included.

Nevertheless, I will persist. If you will let me.

If there are women out there looking for other venues for your story, please send it here. For now, I am the “chief editor” but I would love to develop a cyber board that makes the decisions. A board made of feminists of all persuasions and backgrounds from all over the world. Interested? Let me know!

Thanks and here’s to embracing a more feminine disposition for all. Let us all march down these well worn and dark alleys of humanity together, loudly, no longer ignored. The street lights of wisdom seem to be flickering out more and more now. The only way to feel secure is when we all walk together. Let momvom.com be here to show that we can find trust again. We have a voice that must be heard. There need be no more enemies, just more opportunities for compassion. The world is awakening to a new kind of energy, a more feminine energy. This is hope! More hope than ever that the competitive age of the masculine now wanes willingly to the collaborative age of the feminine.


And finally, if you liked this, then please heart and share it. Or even better, pay me to write something for you! Thanks.



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