What else is there to say?

No one wants to hear from old white guys anymore anyway.

Sexy Hermit


google images “hex white”

I’ve not written much for the last couple of weeks. I’ve been constantly reading instead. Anything I want to say lately is already being discussed ad nauseam.

How many more ways can I say how stupid Trump, Musk and Zuck are? Is there anything new from anyone on them anymore? Putin and Xi are proving to be just as dumb and plenty is being scribed about them too.

It seems as if the honeymoon with despots, billionaires, sellouts, and other assorted psychotics with too much power may finally be coming to an end. What the hell will I write about after all the assholes get what’s finally coming to them?!

I suppose I can look to history for inspiration. Doing so tells me that The People’s love affair with the powerful never ends. The relationship just has a hiccup now and then. “It's complicated” it seems.

It’s the biggest irony of our so-called democracy how The People rationalize the difference between “rugged individuals,” a functioning democracy that works for all, and the fact that we allow anyone psychotic enough to become a billionaire and effectively but without an election to be crowned as Kings.

The defacto Kings in our democracy lord their unbridled power over us all. If the law tries to get in the way of their plans for more power, the law itself gives more power to them. Corruptable judges allow for delay after delay toward justice. By the time justice comes, it’s too late to be worth a damn for those screaming for it. By the time justice comes, the oppression it staves has already ruined the lives of millions or even billions. By the time justice comes, nothing has been done to stop the next unelected King.

I’m just another white guy who’s sick of all the other white guys that make whiteness the face of pure evil. I’m just another white guy sick of all the non-white sellouts and charlatans hoping to say “we finally got a piece of that pie.” Striving for “success” in America is one thing. Selling out your people to do it is another.

News flash, Ye, you can have all the money in the world and you’ll never be president. The People know an Uncle Tom when they see one. The People see through the guy that…