What if Asteroid Psyche is an Alien Trojan Horse?

It’s easy for an advanced civilization to stay the top dog.

Sexy Hermit


Photo by Mikael Kristenson on Unsplash

A long time ago, who the hell knows where, a civilization of nearly immortal beings became the rulers of the universe. They, somehow, managed to live through Great Filter after Great Filter. Intergalactic war, famine, technological shortsightedness, and even supernovas were no match for the unyielding will and guile of their kind. Whatever the universe threw at them they survived.

So long and peaceful became the lives of these people that they thought about their future in terms of centuries as opposed to just next week as we do. They realized after so much suffering from competing races throughout the universe, now squashed, of course, that they needed some serious long-term security solutions.

How might a race of nearly immortal super-intelligent beings stay on top?

Bait and kill the infestations before they become a problem.

First though, here’s the thing.

We have little to no evidence that “aliens” actually exist. UFOs, now UAPs, throw a lot of wrenches at that statement I know, but we are still sitting here with no scientific proof, bodies, or technology. Just weird unexplainable stuff that rarely shows up in the same place twice.

I don’t know what UAPs are. By definiton, no one does! But they do exist. I’ve even seen them. Maybe they are from “out there.” Either way, no extraterrestrials have made their presence definitively known to The People of this planet. The odds that they exist in an infinite universe will always be non-zero though. So what if they do exist and after millennia of deadly altercations now decide they just want to be left alone?


With the resources of the universe at your fingertips, or maybe tentacles, it would be no trouble to make millions of giant, shiny, and irresistible objects to be explored and potentially consumed. Deep inside this object lies the point of it though. This object is a spy probe with the ability to wipe out an entire star system. The trigger? Poking around on it too deep and thus proving our civilization is a threat to their universal community.