Will God bless America again?

November 8th may send us all to hell.

Sexy Hermit
4 min readNov 3, 2022


If not for America, Hitler would have won. If not for America Russia would already have Europe. If not for America, in my estimation, the entire world would still be stuck with petty warlords fighting like children while The People suffer their infantile wrath.

This may still happen if on November 8th America leads with fascism. This will happen if America leads with God.

America stands on the brink of a full-on fascist, racist, and a deep dive into the ignorance of a backward-functioning theocracy. If America does not lead again with a full frontal assault against fascism and autocracy now, the world will follow us toward it instead.

What America does the rest of the world seems to want to do next. It does not help that our media is now wholly corrupted by foreign influences that would love for America’s democracy to fall apart. There’s always money to make when people are oppressed and suffering. Amplifying a factual anomaly into a conspiracy and then into a full-on battle cry of injustice is easier than ever. When The People are desperate they will believe anything that “sounds” good.

When reason and science are no longer considered the truth, superstition, conspiracy, and magic fill the void. When that happens everything becomes “gods will” including whatever psychopath claws his way to the top of the food chain as King. Elections no longer matter when “god” has already picked who “should” rule.

Almost half of The People in the United States believe this utter bullshit. Our educational system has failed miserably. If it really “indoctrinated” The People as much as the right seems to think, then the right would have learned how to think better. The only thing the right is correct about is that our systems are failing. Not for all the unfounded reasons they keep inventing, but because no one ever taught them how to think critically. No one taught them that extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof and that “feelings” do not count. This is the only path toward truth; evidence.

The only truth that anyone need compare anything else to is the amount of suffering their “truth” causes over another.