You all love to share soooo much.

Can I borrow your Lambo tonight then?

Sexy Hermit


Photo by Håkon Sataøen on Unsplash


Like so many words used today, its definition has changed much since I was young.

When I was young “sharing” meant giving something of value to another person or some other entity. It meant helping someone. It meant doing something for someone that they could not do for themselves either in the moment or for a while.

It never used to mean dumping a life’s worth of emotional baggage onto an unsuspecting public.

Now the only thing we seem to share is how horrible our gilded cages stink.

I’ll be the first to admit that I do this too. Maybe even more than the next guy but now I’m always analyzing the why. Why are none of us ever happy with what we have? Why do we feel constant envy that we should have more of everything?

So much sharing on the internet but are our lives any better for it?

No. They are not.

The internet and the whole thing is turning out to be a net loss for anything we hoped it could be.

Instead of bringing everyone together, it magnified tribalism and divisiveness.

Instead of educating the ignorant, it brainwashed them with mysticism and utterly ridiculous conspiracies.

Instead of global equity, the algorithmic gatekeepers of greater prosperity, now focus on sending the most to those who already have too much.

Instead of helping us to find a way, it's sending us all off a cliff.

But yet there is still something called “sharing?”

Can I borrow your car tonight? That would be sharing now, wouldn’t it?

What a joke.

Socialism just means sharing prosperity, not wealth.

This country had better get a handle on what sharing means again.

This world had better give up a yachtload of greed and envy before we all end up in bunkers.

Compassion shared.

Sharing means working toward a minimum universal basic income to keep people off the streets and…