You have no free will and everything is going to HELL because of it!

So you may as well sponsor a child in a faraway place like me!

Sexy Hermit


Photo by Marek Piwnicki on Unsplash

Believe it or not, I am not particularly optimistic about the time I have left in this world. I look at history and can’t help but see the pile of stinking shit we’re all about to stride “courageously” into again. Between the many now escalating conflicts on the other side of the Atlantic and here at home in the US, it seems humanity has again grown sick of getting along with just really far far far too many assholes to deal with every day.

War is coming sooner rather than later to a border near you. The fight over resources while too many assholes still build luxury yachts is about to get bloody again.

Humanity is about to take another deep dive into choosing more suffering as a solution to more suffering.

So what can you do? Vote? Sure. Vote blue until you are blue in the face. Scream and demand for progress in every forgotten corner of our society, but it’s not enough. The problem is the suffering TODAY and it needs to be dealt with TODAY, not held off until November of this or any other year.

We must start doing more to fix this dystopian time than send in delegates who can’t even function well enough as a group to pick a leader! (Looking at you, US House of Reps. Out of touch with the true sources of suffering as usual these days.)

Do you say you don’t have any time though? Ok, that’s fine. That must mean you’re working and making money.

Money is power.

Money is your power to do anything.

Start making it do some good.

Sponsor a child for whatever you can afford each month.

I really like Children International. They score highly on Charity Navigator, which is another good place to start if you're serious about throwing your power at good causes.

I have one child I sponsor in the Philippines. I’m writing this today because they kept asking me to take on another kid, his sister, but I just can’t afford it right now.

I need you to.