Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Embraced the End of an Empire.

NOTE: I just reposted this after it was accidentally deleted. I left it as it was when originally written but added the second title line.

I am a student of it all but history is probably the subject I find the most important lately. I don’t read it to remember…

Red states are the last place anyone should live anyway.

Red states. I don’t know exactly how they got so colorized but it fits. Red. Blood red is the color of conservativism and it always has been. Follow “the law” be it of “God” or man or face the wrath of deadly justice. This abortion bullshit is just the latest…

Just Gmail alerted "Form energy." I want in on the IPO!! If its all they say, this changes everything. Bye bye fossil fuels! Bye bye blood lithium!

And they even found a way to make it hilarious. Wow.

Nice work, NBC, and anyone that had anything to do with season 8 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. A better 23 minutes of gut-wrenching hilarity and sadness will be hard to find.

A few days ago my girlfriend texted me “Yes!!!” with a pic of the season 8 banner on Hulu. I…

I need you, Sexy. (No, you don’t. I have free will. I see through your lies. I don’t need you either. In fact, I wish you would just crawl completely into your syphilitic mind and just drool uncontrollably for the rest of your pathetic existence.)

Liberal Big Tech companies, the…

In politics there is one rule. Crush your enemies. Do not tell them anything that will give an advantage. The GOP is weaker than I've ever seen them in my life time. If anything she should help stirring their pot even harder and watch them burn themselves out. If this is what she thinks she's doing, she's a fool. No one, not Cheney, not Romney, not any of them bucking Trump should be welcomed if they switch sides. They made their beds. None should be offered if they get kicked out of them. Thanks to them all for trying to inject some reason into the GOP but now, please just fuck off after they've reclaimed their lost souls. Go write a book, fallen angels.

I’ve been thinking about my parents and their boomer generation lately. Did none of them see the world we have today coming? Their parents were from The Greatest Generation but little wisdom seems to have grown from that seed.

To say the world today is a “messy place” is the…

All well. G got his first Covid shot now that he’s old enough after the CDC rule change. We’re very happy about it.

The mask mandate is over for those who have been vaccinated but most places still want you to wear them. As of now, there is no “proof…

It’s been a few days. All well. We are looking forward to getting G his Covid vax soon. So glad under 16 is now becoming available.

I was thinking about time capsules for some reason the other day. …

I think the human race will probably survive him but we must address how to teach critical thinking again and how immensely important it is to any hope of maintaining a democracy. Without an electorate voting from actual facts and the truth, our democracy is doomed.

Sexy Hermit

It's about to get weird in here.

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