We have the power to fix it.

I am a student of it all but history is probably the subject I find the most important lately. I don’t read it to remember details of dates, names, and places specifically but to note the trends as the years move forward and back. There is one constant throughout all of human history; rich people behave badly and they make The People believe it’s someone else’s fault.

This is why I hate, HATE, shows like Arrested Development, Gilmore Girls, or most anything else that has a King or a Queen in it. Ya, sue me. It's all the same, just…

2006 Scion, the only car I ever bought brand new. Probably the last one I ever will.

I’ve been invited to a “post Covid” party of people I just don’t think I can stand anymore. A little boys club of grown men who still think they still deserve to carve out a powerful place in this world.

The men of my generation are a wreck on so many levels.

The absolute bullshit we were all raised on and still consider rules for good living. The greed and unrecognized privilege of white men. The acceptable behavior among them all, as long as no one else is watching, of course, disgusts me.

The misogyny.

The racism.

The homophobia.


Bees need dandelions. It’s one of the few flowers they can find when first flying in the spring.

Dance for it!

Fine, no “giving.” What about barter for “street performers?”

So, I took a look at SB 202. I think I may have found a loophole on the food and water BS everyone is talking about. Here’s how it reads …

No person shall solicit votes in any manner or by any means or method, nor shall any 1873 person distribute or display any campaign material, nor shall any person give, offer to give, 1874 or participate in the giving of any money or gifts, including, but not limited to, food and 1875 drink, to an elector, nor shall any person solicit signatures for any petition, nor shall any 1876…

So, did you see Trump's “Happy Easter” message? He’s such a great “Christian.” Whether it’s Jesus or American soldiers, as long as he can use their deaths for some lucrative media whoring, he is all in.

I on the other hand took the weekend entirely off from my media whoring. Now I ask you, is that not worth at least ONE FUCKING CLAP from you people?

Oh, and he’s still sucking his flock dry with sneaky repeat contributions by the way. Trump that is, not Jesus.

I seem to have survived my second vax. I have a little pain at the injection site and a slight headache. I took some Tylenol and had a cup of coffee. All good now!

I’m feeling a bit optimistic today and I’m not sure why. I’m glad I seem to be tolerating this second shot so far. Biden seems to be absolutely kicking ass since day one. He’s still about 50% in his approval. He’s been hovering around 53% since the start. That’s almost 10 points higher than the loser and still losing Trump ever got.

I should probably not…

Well, he's back. Kinda. Sorta. He’s got a new website. You can find it on your own.

Most noticeable to me though is that there is not one single “donate” button anywhere. An oversight or is he now running a bit more afraid of all the fraud lawsuits all ready piling up? I’m betting the latter.

Trump is a media whore’s media whore. If there’s a way to exploit himself for money he’ll do it. He’s a loser and is just going to keep losing. The fact that the GOP still can’t see it makes me laugh.

Let’s just pray…

I am officially OUT of Facebook. Join me.

My reign of terror is over. No one‘s delicate Facebook sensibilities need worry anymore about my next caustic post about Trump, the GOP, or about a million other sources of daily injustices I used to see.

I have left Facebook and I really do not think I will need to go back.

I can spout, at length, whatever I need to say in Medium now.

FB is a cesspool of humanity. The Id of every single human being on the planet, laid bare for the world to gawk. A constant train wreck of the worst behavior. …

Sexy Hermit

It's about to get weird in here.

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