No thanks.

Red states are the last place anyone should live anyway.

Red states. I don’t know exactly how they got so colorized but it fits. Red. Blood red is the color of conservativism and it always has been. Follow “the law” be it of “God” or man or face the wrath of deadly justice. This abortion bullshit is just the latest…

Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Embraced the End of an Empire.

We have the power to fix it.

NOTE: I just reposted this after it was accidentally deleted. I left it as it was when originally written but added the second title line.

I am a student of it all but history is probably the subject I find the most important lately. I don’t read it to remember…

What is happening now is what I would do if I were it.

The seemingly disconnected events of our world may in fact be connected. We may all be playthings of a newly emergent Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). Here is what we know:


Fascism and autocracy are on the rise.

Hate is on the rise.

Isolation is on the rise.

Money is…

I’m really not. No one is.

live mouse traps on my basement cam

We now have a mouse problem in the house. It’s driving me nuts as trap after trap keeps catching them. I’m using live traps. I have motion notifying cams aimed at them. I get a phone notification alert that a mouse has been caught. I try to release them ASAP…

New rules of engagement number one: Don’t fight mother nature.

google images “nature always wins”

This is going to be another one of those times that I see huge problems but decide to zoom out to look at them from far above. Again, I see us all acting like a stupid virus.

Like a virus, we are also hell-bent on reproduction at all costs. We…

Sexy Hermit

It's about to get weird in here.

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